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Distributed electrical microgrid control
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1. A method comprising:
monitoring voltage at a microgrid side of an electrical power source at which the electrical power source is connected to an electrical microgrid, the electrical power source comprising a Direct Current (DC) electrical generator and a power converter coupled to the DC electrical generator at the microgrid side of the DC electrical generator, the DC electrical generator having a variable maximum available output power;
varying power flow between the microgrid and the electrical power source by controlling the power converter to produce, in a voltage source and resistance model of the electrical power source, a constant voltage of the voltage source and a variable value of the resistance,
controlling the power converter comprising controlling the value of the resistance to deliver the maximum available output power to the electrical microgrid over a range of microgrid voltages up to a first voltage VMAX1 below a maximum allowable voltage VMAX of the electrical microgrid,
controlling the power converter further comprising controlling the power converter to provide power output to the electrical microgrid by varying the resistance value of the resistance according to

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RGEN is the resistance value;
VGRID is a voltage of the electrical microgrid;
Ø is a phase angle between the voltage at the microgrid side of the electrical power source and output current of the electrical power source;
PMPP is the maximum available output power from the electrical generator to the electrical microgrid;
VMAX is also the constant voltage of the voltage source;