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Grommet and method for manufacturing same
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8. A grommet including:
a large diameter cylinder portion which is provided with a panel engagement portion at its outer circumference, the panel engagement portion being engaged with an inner circumferential edge of a through hole of a vehicle panel;
two small diameter cylinder portions which are disposed on axially opposite sides of the large diameter cylinder portion and tightly fitted to an outer circumference of a cable passed through the through hole respectively; and
two coupling shield walls which have outer circumferential edges connected to the large diameter cylinder portion and inner circumferential edges connected to the small diameter cylinder portions, so that the coupling shield walls shield annular spaces between the large diameter cylinder portion and the small diameter cylinder portions respectively;
the large diameter cylinder portion, the two small diameter cylinder portions, and the two coupling shield walls forming a grommet body, which is made of an elastic material; wherein:
a sound insulation plate which is formed separately from the grommet body and tightly fitted to the outer circumference of the cable is disposed inside the grommet body to partition the inside of the grommet body into a plurality of hermetically sealed spaces;
an annular fitting groove is formed internally in the grommet body, and an outer circumferential edge of the sound insulation plate integrated with the cable is fitted to the annular fitting groove; and
the annular fitting groove is provided in an inner circumferential side position corresponding to the panel engagement portion.