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Electrical connection box and wire harness
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1. An electrical connection box comprising:
a box main body that is fixed to a vehicle body and includes a first housing in which an electronic component is mounted and a second housing installed on a vertically lower side of the first housing with a locking mechanism, wherein
the second housing includes
a frame that includes the locking mechanism on an outer side-face of the frame,
a bottom that is disposed parallel to a panel of the vehicle body, the panel facing the bottom, and covers a vertically lower end portion of the frame,
an inlet that is provided on an outer surface of the second housing and has a smallest distance from the panel, and
a channel-forming depression in an exterior surface of the bottom, and that is provided on the vertically lower side than the inlet, formed by bending at least a part of the bottom toward inside of the second housing, and formed along a surface of the panel gradually inclining toward the vertically lower side as the surface extends in one direction, so as to allow liquid that has entered between the bottom and the panel to flow from between the bottom and the panel to the outside.