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Connector having a shield case and a body
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1. A connector comprising:
a shield case including a first shell and a second shell, the first shell including:
a connecting portion of tuboid shape extending in a first direction, and
a cover extending in the first direction contiguously from the connecting portion, wherein the second shell is a separate member from the first shell and attached to the cover, the second shell and the cover constitute a composite tube extending in a second direction or an oblique direction, the second direction is orthogonal to the first direction, and the oblique direction includes components of the first and second directions;
a body having an insulating property and being housed in the shield case; and
a terminal held by the body and housed in the shield case, the terminal including:
a first portion extending in the first direction and being disposed inside the connecting portion, and
a second portion extending in the second direction or the oblique direction and being disposed inside the composite tube.