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Connector for use with a socket
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1. A connector for use with a socket, the connector comprising:
a plurality of contacts;
a first insulator formed of a resin;
a metal case comprising:
a first metal plate having a longer dimension along a length direction; and
a first side plate extending from the first metal plate in a direction substantially perpendicular to a surface of the first metal plate; and
a second side plate extending from first metal plate in the direction substantially perpendicular to the surface of the first metal plate;
a second insulator formed of a resin, the second insulator comprising an interior space and being formed with through holes allowing communication between the interior space and a space exterior to the second insulator;
wherein the plurality of contacts are arranged to be mutually parallel and arranged so as to extend along the length direction;
wherein the plurality of contacts are arranged such that at least a portion of each of the plurality of contacts is embedded within the first insulator, and each of the plurality of contacts is exposed at first and second ends of the first insulator;
wherein the metal case is structured to couple with the first insulator such that the metal case does not touch any of the plurality of contacts;
wherein the second insulator is structured to accommodate the first insulator and the metal case coupled together within the interior space;
wherein the through holes of the second insulator are arranged such that the plurality of the contacts of the first insulator and the first side plate and the second side plate of the metal case are exposed to the space exterior to the second insulator.