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Conductive connecting member and display device including the same
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1. A conductive connecting member comprising:
a flexible, elongated body;
terminals formed at opposite ends of the body to be electrically connected to the body; and
a circuit pattern disposed on the body,
wherein the body includes terminal areas in which the terminals are formed and a central area disposed between the terminal areas,
wherein two or more recess portions are formed in edges of the body within the central area of the body,
wherein the recess portions include two or more first recesses formed in a first edge of the body, and two or more second recesses formed in a second edge of the body, the second edge being opposite to the first edge,
wherein the first recesses are disposed in an alternating manner with the second recesses along the central area,
wherein intervals between adjacent first recesses and intervals between adjacent second recesses are the same, and
wherein the circuit pattern on the terminal area has a straight line shape and the circuit pattern on the central area has a curved line shape.