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Printed circuit board plug device having a pre-adjusting device which serves as a locking device
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1. Direct plug device for directly plugging onto a printed circuit board, wherein the direct plug device comprises:
a plug element, which comprises an accommodating housing and at least one pluggable, in particular spring-like, contact element accommodated at it;
a plug element receptacle, which is designed to at least partially accommodate the plug element, which comprises a locking device and which is moveable relative to the plug element between a contact element-remote state and a contact element-proximal state;
wherein the plug element comprises at least one pre-adjusting structure which is to be arranged at the side of the printed circuit board and which, when the plug element is placed onto the printed circuit board, can be connected to at least one corresponding pre-adjusting structure of the printed circuit board in such a way that, in the connected state, the at least one contact element is aligned with at least one correspondingly designed contact element opening of the printed circuit board;
wherein the plug element receptacle can be displaced relative to the plug element, which is placed on the printed circuit board in a pre-adjusted manner, from the contact element-remote state to the contact element-proximal state in such a way that thereby the locking device and the pre-adjusting structure of the plug element are commonly locked to the pre-adjusting structure of the printed circuit board.