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Connection structure and connection method for terminal fitting
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1. A connection structure of a terminal fitting comprising:
the terminal fitting including a terminal body, and a plurality of terminal connection portions extending from the terminal body, each terminal connection portion includes a first surface; and
connection terminals connected to end portions of electric wires,
wherein each of the connection terminals includes a pair of fastening caulking pieces which erects on opposite side portions of a terminal bottom portion, the terminal bottom portion includes a second surface,
wherein the pair of the fastening caulking pieces are caulked with opposite side portions of a corresponding one of the terminal connection portions from outside so that the connection terminal is caulked and fastened to the terminal fitting,
wherein the first surface of the connection portion opposes and abuts the second surface of the terminal bottom portion,
wherein a convex engagement portion protrudes from one of the first surface and the second surface, and a concave engagement portion is recessed from a different one of the first and second surface and engages the convex engagement portion,
wherein the terminal fitting is connected to the electric wires through the connection terminals.