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Packaged device adapter with force applied using bearing apparatus
Ilavarasan M. Palaniappa, Eagan, MN (US); Mickiel P. Fedde, Eagan, MN (US); Vinayak Reddy Panavala, Shakopee, MN (US); and Jacob Ray Vavra, Minneapolis, MN (US)
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1. An adapter apparatus for use with a packaged device having a plurality of contact elements disposed on a surface thereof, the adapter apparatus comprising:
an adapter body defining a socket cavity configured to receive a packaged device such that the plurality of contact elements of the packaged device are at least aligned with arranged conductive elements corresponding thereto, wherein the adapter body defining the socket cavity configured to receive the packaged device comprises a threaded opening;
a torque applicator configured to apply an axial force, wherein the torque applicator comprises a contact surface, wherein the torque applicator comprises a threaded torque applicator extending along an axis of the adapter apparatus comprising a threaded portion configured to mate with the threaded opening of the adapter body for use in applying an axial force, and further wherein the threaded torque applicator terminates at the contact surface; and
a compression assembly comprising a bearing structure positioned between the contact surface of the torque applicator and a packaged device when received in the socket cavity to transfer an axial force applied using the threaded torque applicator to the packaged device, wherein the bearing structure comprises a horizontal bearing defined about an axis thereof that lies in the same direction as the axis of the adapter apparatus.