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Composite sheet for shielding magnetic field and electromagnetic wave, and antenna module comprising same
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1. A composite sheet for shielding a magnetic field and an electromagnetic wave, the composite sheet comprising:
a magnetic sheet for shielding a magnetic field; and a conductor sheet for shielding an electromagnetic wave and radiating heat,
wherein the magnetic sheet comprises: a ribbon sheet which is formed of an amorphous alloy or a nanocrystallized alloy and is separated into a plurality of pieces having gaps between the pieces; a protective film bonded to one side surface of the ribbon sheet; and an adhesive tape bonded to the other side surface of the ribbon sheet,
wherein the conductor sheet is stacked on either the protective film or the adhesive tape, and
wherein the protective film includes a first adhesive, the adhesive tape includes a second adhesive, and a portion of the first adhesive and a portion of the second adhesive are filled in the gaps.