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Article, integrated device, apparatus and method for mounting a satellite feed structure to an antenna reflector unit
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1. An article for detachably mounting a satellite antenna feed structure to an antenna reflector unit, the article comprising a housing associated with the feed structure, the housing including a plurality of members projecting radially therefrom arranged and configured for cooperative engagement with laterally extending slots correspondingly arranged and configured in a cup mounted to the antenna reflector unit, a resilient gasket lining at least a bottom interior surface of the cup, whereupon positioning the housing axially relative to, and in mating engagement with, the cup, engaging the members with, and sliding them into, receiving ports of the slots, rotating the housing such that the members engage with and slide laterally along the slots, and thereby biasing a mating portion of the housing against the resilient gasket lining of the cup bottom interior surface, so that the housing is engaged firmly within the cup by a frictional biasing force exerted by the lining, the feed structure is releasably secured to the reflector unit, the slots being elongated and generally perpendicular to an axis of rotation of the housing, with an angled, curvilinear entry portion and generally collinear to one another for simultaneously and precisely guiding the members between selected positions each for achieving optimal orientation for signal reception by the antenna reflector unit.