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Remote units for distributed communication systems and related installation methods and apparatuses
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10. A distributed communication system deployed within a building infrastructure, comprising:
head-end equipment configured to receive downlink electrical RF communications services signals and to convert the downlink electrical RF communications services signals into downlink optical RF communications services signals to be communicated over at least one optical RF communications services downlink; and
a plurality of remote unit assemblies communicatively coupled to the head-end equipment to receive downlink optical RF communications services signals, at least one of the remote unit assemblies comprising:
a remote unit comprising an enclosure and at least one antenna unit configured to transmit RF communication signals into a coverage area, the remote unit being mounted in a mounting aperture of a support structure so that a first side of the remote unit is visible at a first side of the support structure,
wherein the remote unit has at least one ventilation aperture to allow cooling air to flow between the first and a second sides of the remote unit and between the first side of the support structure and a second side of the support structure.