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Mode converter between a plane circuit and a substrate waveguide including a pin having a land and an anti-pad
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1. A mode converter comprising:
a substrate comprising a first main surface and a second main surface;
a first ground conductor layer formed on the first main surface;
a second ground conductor layer formed on the second main surface;
a plane circuit that is formed on the first main surface and propagates a high frequency;
a pin that is connected to the plane circuit, is formed inside a through-hole which penetrate from the first main surface to the second main surface, and communicates with the first main face and the second main surface, wherein the pin comprises a land which extends on the second main surface; and
an anti-pad that is formed between the land in the second main surface and the second ground conductor layer;
wherein the anti-pad comprises a circular ring shape, and
wherein a dielectric material is filled in the through hole.