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Lithium-selenium secondary batteries having non-flammable electrolyte
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18. A rechargeable lithium-selenium cell comprising a cathode having a cathode active material selected from Se or SexSy (x/y ratio=0.01 to 100), an anode having an anode active material, a porous separator electronically separating said anode and said cathode, a non-flammable quasi-solid electrolyte in contact with said cathode and said anode, wherein said cathode active material is supported by a network of conductive nano filaments selected from carbon nano-tubes, carbon nano-fibers, graphene sheets, exfoliated graphite flakes, carbon black, or a combination thereof and said electrolyte contains a lithium salt dissolved in a first organic liquid solvent with a lithium salt concentration higher than 3.5 M wherein said electrolyte is in a supersaturated state without precipitation or crystallization of the lithium salt out of the liquid solvent and most of said solvent molecules are retained or captured by said lithium salt ions that are not volatile so that said electrolyte exhibits a vapor pressure less than 0.02 kPa when measured at 20° C., a vapor pressure less than 60% of the vapor pressure of said first organic solvent alone, a flash point at least 20 degrees Celsius higher than a flash point of said first organic liquid solvent alone, a flash point higher than 150° C., or no flash point.