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Power producing gas separation system and method
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15. A gas separation method for use in a power producing system utilizing a flue gas output from a flue gas generating assembly, wherein the flue gas comprises carbon dioxide and oxygen and the method comprises:
receiving the flue gas output from the flue gas generating assembly at a first heat exchanger;
using the first heat exchanger to adjust a temperature of the flue gas to be in a range of 500-650° C.;
outputting the temperature-adjusted flue gas from the first heat exchanger directly to an oxidizer;
operating a fuel cell having an anode section and the cathode section, wherein anode exhaust is output from the anode section of the fuel cell during operating of the fuel cell;
recovering waste heat from cathode exhaust output from the cathode section of the fuel cell;
cooling the anode exhaust to a predetermined temperature in a chiller assembly so as to liquefy the carbon dioxide in the anode exhaust while utilizing the waste heat from the cathode exhaust to drive the chiller assembly; and
after cooling the anode exhaust in the chiller assembly, separating the liquefied carbon dioxide from residual fuel gas in a gas separation device;
wherein the oxidizer receives residual fuel gas separated in the separating step and the temperature-adjusted flue gas from the first heat exchanger, oxidizes the residual fuel gas to heat the flue gas, and outputs heated flue gas directly to the cathode section of the fuel cell.