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Method for producing cathodes
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1. A process for producing a cathode comprising a cathode material comprising:
(A) a lithiated transition metal mixed oxide;
(B) carbon in an electrically conductive modification;
(C) a binder; and
(D) a film, the process comprising:
(a) applying a mixture comprising a lithiated transition metal mixed oxide (A), a carbon (B) and a binder (C) to a film (D), to form a coated film;
(b) drying the coated film;
(c) compacting the coated film to such an extent that a resulting cathode material on the film has a density of at least 1.8 g/cm3 to obtain a compacted blank; and
(d) thermally treating the compacted blank either at a temperature in the range from 35° C. below a melting point of binder (C) to a maximum of 5° C. below the melting point of binder (C) or, if the binder (C) does not have a sharp melting point, at a temperature of 35° C. below a softening point of the binder (C) to a maximum of 5° C. below the softening point of binder (C);
wherein the binder (C) is a fluorinated organic (co)polymer.