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Secondary battery
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1. A secondary battery, comprising:
an electrode assembly;
a case accommodating the electrode assembly;
a cap plate sealing the case, the cap plate including an inversion plate, the inversion plate including a round part convexly extending toward the electrode assembly, and an edge part fixed to the cap plate; and
a terminal assembly, the terminal assembly including:
an insulation plate coupled to a top surface of the cap plate and having a short-circuit hole corresponding to the inversion plate,
a terminal plate coupled to a top surface of the insulation plate and electrically connected to the electrode assembly, the round part of the inversion plate included in the cap plate being deformable to be brought into contact with the terminal plate when an internal pressure of the case exceeds a preset pressure, and
a sealing member coupled to a bottom surface of the insulation plate, the sealing member including a sealing ring that surrounds a rim of the short-circuit hole, a rib extending from one side of the sealing ring in a direction away from the short-circuit hole, and an air hole cover extending from the rib,
the insulation plate includes an air hole that is offset from the short-circuit hole at a location corresponding to the air hole cover of the sealing member, the air hole cover being deformable to open the air hole to exhaust air from a space between the inversion plate and the terminal plate when the round part of the inversion plate is deformed.