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Battery block and secondary battery module
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1. A battery block comprising:
a holding case holding a plurality of battery cells;
a plurality of conductive members arranged along a side surface of the holding case and electrically connecting corresponding battery cells;
a voltage detection board disposed opposite the side surface of the holding case to detect a voltage of the battery cells; and
a plurality of voltage detection terminals disposed on the voltage detection board and respectively electrically connected to the plurality of conductive members,
in each of the voltage detection terminals, a securing portion secured to the voltage detection board and a connection portion connected to the conductive members are disposed along an arranged direction, with a bend portion which is elastically deformable at least in the arranged direction disposed between the securing portion and the connection portion;
the bend portion includes a rising portion rising from the securing portion and a falling portion opposite the rising portion, and has a bent shape with U-shaped cross section; and
each of the voltage detection terminals includes a support arm portion disposed between the bend portion and the connection portion and elastically deformable at least in a direction toward or away from the voltage detection board.