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Organic light emitting display device and method for manufacturing the same
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1. An organic light-emitting display device, comprising:
an organic light-emitting element on a first substrate;
an encapsulation unit covering the organic light-emitting element;
a metal substrate on the encapsulation unit;
a structure in which a driving film, having a driving chip mounted thereon, is connected to a pad unit on the first substrate and to not be protruded further than the first substrate;
wherein the encapsulation unit extends from a bottom surface of the metal substrate to a portion of a top surface of the metal substrate, so that a portion of the encapsulation unit is disposed between the metal substrate and the driving film which is in contact with the portion of the encapsulation unit, thereby reducing damage to the driving film caused by the metal substrate,
wherein the metal substrate is inclined in a reverse-taper shape in which an area of the top surface of the metal substrate is greater than an area of the bottom surface of the metal substrate and the encapsulation unit is formed along the metal substrate.