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Radiation source and method for the operation thereof
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1. A radiation source, comprising at least one semiconductor substrate on which at least two field effect transistors are formed, each of which has a gate electrode having a gate length LG, a source contact and a drain contact, which bound a channel, wherein
the at least two field effect transistors are arranged adjacent to one another on the substrate, wherein each field effect transistor has exactly one gate electrode, and at least one source contact and/or at least one drain contact is arranged between two adjacent gate electrodes, wherein adjacent source contacts and/or drain contacts all have a distance Λ with respect to one another, which complies with the following condition:

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wherein LG is the gate length of the field effect transistors and n and k are natural numbers, wherein k can adopt values from 1 to 2n,
wherein the plurality of source contacts and drain contacts create a one dimensional diffraction grating for plasmonic waves resulting in the channels.