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Complementary resistance switch, contact-connected polycrystalline piezo- or ferroelectric thin-film layer, method for encrypting a bit sequence
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1. A method for encrypting a bit sequence, the method comprising:
switching a resistance element in accordance with a bit sequence, wherein the resistance element is switched into a first resistance state with a first resistance value in the case of a first bit value of a bit of the bit sequence, and wherein the resistance element is switched into a second resistance state with a second resistance value in the case of a second bit value of a bit of the bit sequence, wherein the second resistance value is different than the first resistance value;
selecting a load resistance from a plurality of load resistances having different load resistance values;
generating an electrical signal which is fed to the selected load resistance and to the switched resistance element, such that at least one harmonic of the electrical signal is generated;
determining a quantity that describes the at least one harmonic as a quantity describing the first bit value or the second bit value.