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Light-emitting device having resin member with conductive particles
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1. A light-emitting device comprising:
a support including a substrate, a pair of electrodes, and an insulating reflective member, the pair of electrodes being disposed on an upper surface of the substrate, and the reflective member being disposed on the substrate;
a light-emitting element flip-chip mounted on the pair of electrodes; and
a resin member disposed at least between the light-emitting element and the reflective member, the resin member comprising a plurality of conductive particles dispersed in an insulating resin,
wherein the reflective member is disposed at least over an entirety of a surface that is located immediately below the resin member, and
wherein at least some of the conductive particles are electrically connecting particles, which electrically connect the light-emitting device to the pair of electrodes,
wherein the electrically connecting particles penetrate the reflective member, such that a first portion of each electrically connecting particle is located in the resin member, and a second portion of each electrically connecting particle is located in the reflective member, and
wherein the light-emitting element includes a top surface, a bottom surface, and a plurality of lateral surfaces, and wherein the top surface and at least portions of the lateral surfaces of the light-emitting element are exposed from the resin member.