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Method for producing conductive material, conductive material obtained by the method, electronic device containing the conductive material, light-emitting device, and method for producing light-emitting device
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1. A method for producing a light-emitting device comprising a light-emitting element, a wiring board or a lead frame and a conductive material used as a bonding material for bonding the light-emitting element to the wiring board or the lead frame, the method comprising:
applying a first conductive material composition that comprises silver particles not coated with an organic substance and having an average particle diameter (median diameter) of 0.1 μm to 15 μm, and a metal oxide, over the wiring board or the lead frame;
placing the light-emitting element on the first conductive material composition, so as to obtain a light-emitting device precursor; and
sintering the light-emitting device precursor, so as to obtain the light-emitting device, wherein said sintering is carried out at a temperature in a range of 150° C. to 320° C. thus causing the silver particles to fuse with oxygen from said metal oxide to form silver oxide.