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Deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode chip and package structure containing the same
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1. A deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode chip comprising:
a light-transmitting substrate;
a light-emitting unit including a buffer layer, an n-type aluminum gallium nitride layer, a multiple quantum well layer, and a p-type aluminum gallium nitride layer which are formed in sequence on said light-transmitting substrate;
an electrode unit including a first electrode disposed on said n-type aluminum gallium nitride layer, and a second electrode disposed on said p-type aluminum gallium nitride layer;
an electron blocking layer disposed between said multiple quantum well layer and said p-type aluminum gallium nitride layer; and
an optical layer formed on said light-transmitting substrate and opposite to said light-emitting unit,
wherein said optical layer is a graded refractive index layer having a refractive index ranging from 1.0 to a refractive index of said light-transmitting substrate, said graded refractive index layer including a multi-layer structure, each layer in said multi-layer structure having a composition of (HfO2)y(SiO2)100%-y, wherein y ranges from 0% to 50%, and a refractive index distribution of said multi-layer structure gradually decreases in a direction away from said light-transmitting substrate.