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Solid-state transducer devices with optically-transmissive carrier substrates and related systems, methods, and devices
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1. A semiconductor device assembly, comprising:
a plurality of semiconductor devices each including a section of a carrier substrate, electrical contacts, and a stack of semiconductor materials having a first side and a second side, wherein individual semiconductor devices are separated from one another by a (1) a first trench in the carrier substrate and (2) a second trench adjacent the corresponding stack of semiconductor materials, wherein the first trench has a first sidewall and the second trench has a second sidewall, at least one of the first sidewall or second sidewall being generally flat, wherein the second trench is aligned with and wider than the first trench, and wherein the second side of the individual semiconductor devices is arranged to emit and/or receive light having a wavelength in the range of 390 nm to 750 nm; and
a transfer structure comprising a tape in direct contact with the electrical contacts and attached to the first side of the individual semiconductor devices, wherein the carrier substrate is substantially optically transmissive such that the second side of each of the semiconductor devices can emit and/or receive the light through the corresponding section of the carrier substrate, and wherein the carrier substrate comprises a transparent or translucent material through which the light is emitted or received during operation of the corresponding semiconductor devices.