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Solar cell and method of manufacture thereof, and solar cell module
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1. A solar cell comprising: a photoelectric conversion section; and a collecting electrode on one main surface of the photoelectric conversion section, wherein
the collecting electrode includes a first electroconductive layer and a second electroconductive layer in this order from a photoelectric conversion section side, and further includes an insulating layer between the first electroconductive layer and the second electroconductive layer, wherein an opening section is formed in the insulating layer;
the first electroconductive layer is covered with the insulating layer;
the first electroconductive layer includes a first-melting-point material and a second-melting-point material,
a thermal-fluidization onset temperature T1 of the first-melting-point material is lower than a heat-resistant temperature of the photoelectric conversion section, and a thermal-fluidization onset temperature T2 of the second-melting-point material is higher than T1, and
a part of the second electroconductive layer is conductively connected with the first electroconductive layer through the opening section of the insulating layer,
wherein the first-melting-point material includes a metallic material.