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1. A semiconductor device comprising a substrate, and an oxide semiconductor layer and a conductor layer supported on the substrate,
the oxide semiconductor layer containing a first metallic element,
the conductor layer having a multilayer structure including
a first metal oxide layer containing the first metallic element,
a second metal oxide layer on the first metal oxide layer, the second metal oxide layer containing an oxide of a second metallic element, and
a metal layer on the second metal oxide layer, the metal layer containing the second metallic element, wherein,
the first metal oxide layer and the oxide semiconductor layer are made of a same oxide film;
when viewed from a normal direction of the substrate, the first metal oxide layer and the oxide semiconductor layer do not overlap each other;
the same oxide film is an oxide semiconductor film containing the first metallic element:
the first metal oxide layer is a layer having been made electrically conductive as a result of the oxide semiconductor film reacting with the metal layer; and
the second metal oxide layer is a layer resulting from a portion of the metal layer reacting with the oxide semiconductor film.