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LDMOS device having a low angle sloped oxide
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9. A method for manufacturing a laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) device, the method comprises:
fabricating a substrate and an oxide region; wherein the oxide region comprises a bottom surface; wherein the oxide region further comprises a first sloped surface and a second sloped surface; wherein the bottom surface is formed above the substrate; wherein a first angle between the first sloped surface and the bottom surface does not exceed twenty degrees; and wherein a second angle between the second sloped surface and the bottom surface of the oxide region does not exceed twenty degrees;
forming an elongated trench above the substrate; wherein the elongated trench passes through the oxide region;
applying a selective implant process that is followed by a spike anneal implant activation stage thereby forming a drain within the substrate; wherein the drain is positioned between a right and left drift regions; and
fabricating, within the elongated trench, a conductive drain contact that is electrically coupled to the drain.