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Three-dimensional transistor and methods of manufacturing thereof
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1. A method of forming a device, the method comprising:
forming a mesa over a substrate;
forming a mask layer over a top surface and sidewalls of the mesa, the mask layer exposing a middle portion of a sidewall of the mesa; and
etching to form a vertical recess extending from the exposed middle portion of the sidewall into the mesa, wherein the vertical recess is substantially trapezoidal, V-shaped or U-shaped in a top view, wherein the vertical recess defines a vertically recessed channel region at a narrow end of the vertical recess;
forming a gate stack over the vertically recessed channel region; and
forming a source region and a drain region at a first end and a second end of the vertically recessed channel region, respectively, wherein a length of the gate stack measured along a first direction from the source region to the drain region is equal to or larger than a length of the narrow end of the vertical recess measured along the first direction.