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Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with increased breakdown voltage
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1. A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, comprising:
forming a first opening in a second semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type, the second semiconductor layer being provided on a first semiconductor layer of the first conductivity type, the first opening extending in a second direction into the second semiconductor layer from an upper surface of the second semiconductor layer, a dimension in a third direction of the first opening at the upper surface being greater than a dimension in the third direction of a lower part of the first opening, the second direction being perpendicular to a first direction from the first semiconductor layer toward the second semiconductor layer, the third direction being perpendicular to the first direction and the second direction;
ion-implanting an impurity of a second conductivity type into a side surface of the lower part of the first opening; and
forming a third semiconductor layer of the second conductivity type in an interior of the first opening.