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Tungsten gates for non-planar transistors
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1. An integrated circuit (IC) structure, comprising:
a fin having a source and a drain, wherein the fin comprises silicon;
a transistor gate on the fin between the source and the drain, wherein the transistor gate comprises:
a gate dielectric on the fin, wherein the gate dielectric comprises hafnium, silicon, and oxygen;
an NMOS gate electrode on the gate dielectric, wherein the NMOS gate electrode comprises:
a first layer on the gate dielectric, wherein the first layer comprises aluminum, titanium, and carbon;
a second layer on the first layer, wherein the second layer comprises titanium; and
a third layer on the second layer, wherein the third layer comprises tungsten;
sidewalls on opposing sides of the NMOS gate electrode;
a capping structure over the NMOS gate electrode, wherein the capping structure comprises silicon and nitrogen;
a dielectric layer adjacent the sidewalls, wherein the dielectric layer comprises silicon and oxygen; and
a contact extending through the dielectric layer to one of the source and the drain.