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Common metal contact regions having different Schottky barrier heights and methods of manufacturing same
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1. A method comprising:
providing a substrate having an n-FET region and a p-FET region separated by a shallow trench isolation (STI) region, each of the n-FET and p-FET regions including a gate between source/drain regions;
forming an interlayer dielectric (ILD) over the substrate, with trenches formed through the ILD down to the source/drain regions;
applying a mask over the n-FET region;
implanting a dopant into the p-FET region source/drain regions through the trenches in the ILD;
selectively amorphizing a surface of the p-FET region source/drain regions while the n-FET region is masked;
removing the mask;
depositing a titanium-based metal in the trenches over the n-FET and p-FET region source/drain regions; and
microwave annealing.