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Embedded passive chip device and method of making the same
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1. A method of making an embedded passive chip device comprising:
forming a patterned wafer which has a peripheral end portion and at least one passive-component unit that includes a connecting portion, a breaking line, and a plurality of spaced apart chip bodies, the connecting portion being connected to the peripheral end portion, the breaking line having a plurality of connecting tabs that are spaced apart from one another, each of the connecting tabs being disposed between and interconnecting the connecting portion and a respective one of the chip bodies, each of the chip bodies having a circuit-forming surface that is formed with a recess;
forming a functional layered structure on each of the chip bodies, the functional layered structure including a conductive layer that has at least a portion which covers at least partially the circuit-forming surface, and a magnetic layer that is disposed within the recess and that is inductively coupled to the conductive layer for generating inductance; and
breaking the patterned wafer along the breaking line by applying an external force thereto so as to form a plurality of embedded passive chip devices.