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Method for manufacturing display device and method for manufacturing electronic device
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1. A method for manufacturing a display device, comprising:
a first step of preparing a process member comprising:
providing a terminal electrode, a wiring, and a functional layer over a first substrate, wherein the terminal electrode, the wiring, and the functional layer are electrically connected to one another;
providing an insulating layer over the terminal electrode;
providing a first layer over the terminal electrode and the insulating layer; and
providing an adhesive layer sandwiched between the first substrate and a second substrate,
wherein the second substrate and the adhesive layer comprise a first opening in a region overlapping with part of the first layer, and
wherein the insulating layer comprises a second opening inside the first opening in a top view; and
a second step of removing part of the first layer,
wherein part of the first layer is removed by emitting particles to the first layer, so that the terminal electrode is exposed.