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Packaging organic photodetectors
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1. A method for packaging an organic photodetector, comprising:
providing a multilayer structure disposed on a portion of a substrate to form the organic photodetector; wherein the multilayer structure comprises:
a thin film transistor (TFT) array;
an organic photodiode disposed on the TFT array; and
a scintillator layer disposed on the organic photodiode;
providing a casing having at least one wall and an open end, wherein the casing comprises at least one aperture in the at least one wall;
sealing the open end of the casing with the substrate to enclose the multilayer structure in a volume such that the least one aperture is located in a path of radiation to an inactive region of the organic photodetector;
evacuating the volume through the at least one aperture; and
closing the at least one aperture after evacuating the volume to form a detector package.