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Method for manufacturing magnetic storage device, and magnetic storage device
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1. A method for manufacturing a magnetic storage device comprising:
forming lower conductive film over a substrate;
forming a first insulating film over the lower conductive film;
forming an opening in the first insulating film, the opening reaching the lower conductive film and the lower conductive film being exposed through the opening;
depositing an MTJ multilayer film including a magnetization free layer, a tunnel barrier layer and a magnetization fixed layer over the lower conductive film in the opening and over the first insulating film;
forming, by removing the MTJ multilayer film deposited over the first insulating film, an MTJ device including the MTJ multilayer film which has remained in the opening;
forming, by partially removing the first insulating film, a protection film including the first insulating film around the MTJ device, the protection film protecting a side surface of the MTJ device; and
forming, by partially removing the lower conductive film, a lower electrode including the lower conductive film under the MTJ device and the protection film, an outer periphery of the lower electrode matching an outer periphery of the protection film.