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Semiconductor device having wire formed with loop portion and method for producing the semiconductor device
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1. A semiconductor device, comprising:
a connection terminal;
a semiconductor chip having an electrode pad on one surface;
a wire that connects the connection terminal and the electrode pad of the semiconductor chip; and
transparent resin that covers the one surface of the semiconductor chip, and that seals the connection terminal and the wire, wherein:
the wire includes a first bonded portion that is joined to the electrode pad, a second bonded portion that is joined to the connection terminal, and a loop portion that is formed so as to be continuous with the first bonded portion and has a turned back portion on a side opposite to the second bonded portion with reference to the first bonded portion, wherein the turned back portion projects from the first bonded portion in a direction opposite from a location of the second bonded portion; and
predetermined clearances are provided between the loop portion and the first bonded portion, and between the loop portion and other portions of the wire in order that the loop portion does not contact with the first bonded portion and the other portions of the wire; and
the loop portion is formed so as to be substantially parallel to a main surface of the semiconductor chip on which the electrode pad is provided where the loop portion extends toward the second bonded portion from the turned back portion.