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Semiconductor memory device having memory cells provided in a height direction
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1. A semiconductor memory device, comprising:
a memory string comprising a plurality of memory cells connected in series therein;
a first wiring electrically connected to one end of the memory string; and
a contact electrically connected between the memory string and the first wiring,
the memory string comprising:
a plurality of control gate electrodes as first conductive layers stacked above a substrate; and
a semiconductor layer having one end electrically connected to the contact and having as its longer direction a direction perpendicular to the substrate, the semiconductor layer facing the plurality of control gate electrodes, and
the contact comprising a contact layer, the contact layer having a plate-like shape whose longer direction is a first direction parallel to the substrate, and the contact layer having its lower surface electrically connected to the one end of the semiconductor layer, and
the contact layer comprising:
a metal layer that includes tungsten;
a silicon based layer that includes a material including silicon; and
a second conductive layer that covers side surfaces of the metal layer and the silicon based layer.