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Method to prevent lateral epitaxial growth in semiconductor devices
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1. A method for preventing epitaxial growth in a semiconductor device comprising:
cutting a set of long fins into a set of fins of a FinFET structure, the set of fins having respective cut faces of a set of cut faces located at respective fin ends of a set of fin ends;
patterning a photoresist layer over the set of fin ends of the set of fins of the FinFET structure, wherein the set of fins are isolated from one another by a first dielectric material, wherein a photoresist pattern over the set of fin ends differs from a photoresist pattern over other areas of the FinFET structure; and
forming a set of dielectric blocks on the set of fin ends covering respective cut faces of the set of cut faces; and
wherein the set of dielectric blocks prevents epitaxial growth at the cut faces of the set of fin ends in a subsequent epitaxial growth step.