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Systems and methods for producing flat surfaces in interconnect structures
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1. A method for fabricating an apparatus comprising one or more semiconductor devices, the method comprising:
(a) obtaining a substrate comprising one or more holes in a top surface of the substrate, each said hole comprising at least one of a through-hole and a recess;
(b) obtaining a first structure comprising the substrate and also comprising a conductive layer of a first material, the conductive layer covering the substrate and extending into each said hole to provide in each said hole at least a part of an interconnect structure in the apparatus, a top surface of the conductive layer having a protrusion over each said hole, wherein over each said hole, the corresponding protrusion extends upward from an adjacent area of the top surface of the conductive layer, the adjacent area laterally surrounding a top of the protrusion; and
(c) polishing a top surface of the first structure at least until the top surface is planar and the conductive layer is completely removed adjacent each said hole.