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Thru-silicon-via structures
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1. A structure comprising:
a thru-silicon-via in a wafer;
an insulator material lining the thru-silicon-via;
a floating diffusion barrier liner lining the insulator material;
a stress absorption layer on the floating diffusion barrier liner;
a diffusion barrier liner lining the stress absorption insulator layer;
a copper plate on the diffusion barrier liner; and
a capping material on a planarized surface of wafer and covering the insulator material, floating diffusion barrier liner, stress absorption insulator layer, diffusion barrier liner, and copper plate,
wherein the floating diffusion barrier liner is Ta or TaN,
wherein the insulator material completely lines a sidewall of the thru-silicon-via,
wherein the floating diffusion barrier liner is in direct contact and completely lines the insulator material within the thru-silicon-via,
wherein the stress absorption layer is an insulator material,
wherein the stress absorption layer directly contacts the floating diffusion barrier liner, and
wherein the diffusion barrier liner is directly contacting the stress absorption insulator layer.