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Process of forming an electronic device including a material defining a void
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1. A process of forming an electronic device comprising:
forming a masking layer over a substrate, wherein the masking layer defines a first opening including a first portion having a first width and a second portion having a second width, wherein the first width is wider than the second width;
patterning the substrate to define a first trench having a first portion and a second portion corresponding to the first portion and the second portion of the first opening of the masking layer, wherein, as compared to using a different mask having a uniform width corresponding to the second width, during patterning, the first portion of the first trench allows an etchant gas to reach a location at or near a bottom of the first trench more readily, and etch product gas to be removed from the location at or near a bottom of the first trench more readily, or both; and
depositing a material within the first trench.