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Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
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1. A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, comprising:
forming grooves in a first dielectric layer on a substrate, the first dielectric layer including a first part between the grooves;
forming a first barrier layer in each groove;
forming an interconnect layer on the first barrier layer to fill each groove;
recessing the interconnect layer and the first barrier layer;
forming a capping pattern on the recessed interconnect layer, the capping pattern being not formed on the first part;
etching at least a portion of the first part by a first etching process;
etching the at least a portion of the first part etched by the first etching process and the capping pattern, by a second etching process to form a trench;
conformally forming a second barrier layer on a sidewall and a bottom surface of the trench and on a top surface of the recessed interconnect layer; and
forming a second dielectric layer on the second barrier layer not to fill the trench such that an air gap is formed in the first part between the grooves.