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FinFET semiconductor structures and methods of fabricating same
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1. A method of forming a semiconductor structure comprising:
providing an intermediate semiconductor structure, comprising:
a semiconductor substrate;
a fin having an extended gate (EG) oxide layer in contact with at least a portion of the fin; and
a gate material disposed over the fin;
forming, over the fin and gate material of the intermediate semiconductor structure, a gate stack hardmask comprising an oxide layer;
forming, prior to gate etch processing to define gate regions, a silicon nitride barrier layer on the oxide layer of the gate stack hardmask;
performing one or more gate stack hardmask patterning steps, comprising forming, directly on the silicon nitride barrier layer, an organic planarizing layer (OPL);
removing the EG oxide layer from portions of the fin that are not located under the gate; and
subsequent to removing the EG oxide layer from portions of the fin that are not located under the gate, performing one or more ion implantation steps.