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Method for forming film filled in trench without seam or void
Atsuki Fukazawa, Tama (JP); and Hideaki Fukuda, Portland, OR (US)
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1. A method for forming a film filled in a trench of a substrate without seam or void, comprising:
(i) depositing a conformal SiN film as a layer in a trench of a substrate placed in a reaction space, using a halide compound as a precursor;
(ii) repeating step (i) until the trench is filled with accumulated layers of the conformal SiN film and a top opening of the trench is closed by the accumulated layers, which accumulated layers form a filled film which has a seam and/or void, said filled film referring to a filler filling the trench and formed of the accumulated layers, said seam referring to a longitudinal line observed on a cross section of the filler, said void referring to a closed vacant space observed on a cross section of the filler;
(iii) after step (ii), oxidizing the filled film without deposition of film to make the filled film expand; and
(iv) continuing step (iii) until the seam and/or void of the filled film are/is diminished.