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Time-of-flight analysis of a continuous beam of ions by a detector array
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1. A time-of-flight mass (TOF) spectrometer for analyzing a continuous beam of ions using a rotating magnetic field, comprising:
an ion source that ionizes a sample producing a continuous beam of ions;
an accelerator that receives the continuous beam and applies an electric field to the continuous beam of ions producing an accelerated beam of ions;
a two-dimensional detector that records an arrival time and a two-dimensional arrival position of each ion of the accelerated beam impacting the two-dimensional detector; and
a deflector located between the accelerator and the two-dimensional detector that receives the accelerated beam and applies a rotating magnetic field to the accelerated beam to separate ions with different mass-to-charge ratios in the accelerated beam over an area of the two-dimensional detector, wherein the rotating magnetic field is rotated at a constant frequency.