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Shift correction for spectral analysis
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1. A method of detecting the presence of a component in a sample of a substance, the method comprising:
accessing mass spectrometry data stored in a tangible memory, the mass spectrometry data describing signal intensity and ionization time for the sample analyzed by a mass spectrometer, wherein the mass spectrometry data is configured to facilitate the representation of signal intensity versus ionization time for the sample in at least two mass chromatograms;
processing the mass spectrometry data to identify significant regions for analysis of each of the mass chromatograms;
identifying peaks in signal intensity within the identified significant regions of the mass chromatograms;
correcting the peaks in signal intensity with respect to mass-to-charge in the mass chromatograms;
aligning the at least two mass chromatograms to identify at least one aligned peak in signal intensity; and
identifying one or more components of the sample from the at least one aligned peak in signal intensity and detecting the presence of the component in the sample based on said identification.