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Tungsten sintered compact sputtering target and method for producing same
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1. A tungsten sintered compact sputtering target consisting of tungsten, impurities excluding gas components, and gas components consisting of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur, wherein the sputtering target has a sintered structure such that an average content of iron as an impurity in the sintered structure is in an amount of 0.4 to 0.8 wtppm, a content of iron varies from location to location within the sputtering target by an amount of ±0.1 wtppm about the average content of iron, and the sputtering target has a relative density of 99% or higher, an average crystal grain size of about 20-50 μm, a crystal grain size ranging from 5 to 200 pm, a concentration of impurities in total excluding gas components of about 1.001-1.013 wtppm, and a content for each of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur of 50 wtppm or less, wherein oxygen and carbon are each between about 20-30 wtppm.