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Charged particle microscope with improved spectroscopic functionality
Cornelis Sander Kooijman, Veldhoven (NL); Thijs Thomas Withaar, Eindhoven (NL); and Gerard Nicolaas Anne van Veen, Waalre (NL)
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1. A method of examining a specimen using a spectroscopic apparatus, comprising the following steps:
providing the specimen on a specimen holder;
directing a focused input beam of radiation onto a location P on the specimen, thereby producing an interaction that causes a flux of X-rays to emanate from said location;
examining said flux using a detector arrangement, thus accruing a measured spectrum for said location;
choosing a set of different measurement directions d={dn} that originate from P, where n is a member of an integer sequence;
recording an output On of said detector arrangement for different values of dn, thus compiling a measurement set M={(On, dn)};
adopting a spectral model On′ for On that is a convoluted mix of terms B(dn) and Lp, where:
B(dn) is a substantially continuous spectral component associated with Bremsstrahlung;
LP is a substantially discrete spectral component associated with the composition of the specimen at location P;
automatically deconvolving the measurement set M on the basis of said spectral model On′ and distill Lp therefrom, wherein spectral model On′ is expressed in the form:
in which A(dn) is an absorption function, accounting for the dependence of x-ray absorption as a function of the path length within the specimen, * is a mathematical convolution and R(dn) is a radiation function comprising the types of x-ray emitted from the specimen.