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Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and charged particle beam drawing method
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1. A charged particle beam drawing apparatus for deflecting a charged particle beam with a deflector to draw a pattern, the charged particle beam drawing apparatus comprising:
a storage unit that stores an approximate formula indicating a correspondence relationship between a settling time for a DAC (digital/analog converter) amplifier that controls the deflector, and a position shift amount, from a design position, of a drawn position of each evaluation pattern drawn on a first substrate while the settling time and an amount of deflection of the charged particle beam by the deflector are changed;
a shot data generation unit that converts drawing data to shot data configured with a shot of the charged particle beam as a unit;
a shot position correction unit that creates a correction formula indicating a relationship between an amount of deflection and a shot position shift amount at the settling time, from the approximate formula and the settling time for the DAC amplifier based on an amount of deflection of a shot obtained from the shot data, obtains a position correction amount by using the amount of deflection of the shot and the correction formula, and corrects a shot position defined by the shot data on the basis of the position correction amount; and
a drawing unit that performs drawing by applying the charged particle beam onto a second substrate by using the shot data with a corrected shot position.